Cambodia Foreign Trade Club




UP Consultancy is this week proud to announce the launch of the Cambodian Foreign Trade Club,  in partnership with the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce.

UP staff are in Phnom Penh for a week long training and capacity building programme, sharing with the staff the expertise and skills that are needed to support those businesses within Cambodia that are looking to develop their export levels.

Cambodia, located in South East Asia is well placed to make strong economic gains as the world recovers from the financial crisis of the last few years.  It has consistently demonstrated strong GDP growth, and with the policies of the current Government is making large strides in developing its international positioning.

Exporting and growing international markets is seen as a key target of the current administration, and businesses are being encouraged to take advantage of customers around the world.  Businesses though currently have limited access to support for such international trade, and it is this that the Cambodian Foreign Trade Club will address.

A team of certified International Trade Advisors will be established through the nationwide Chamber of Commerce movement, where businesses will be able to work with an advisor to develop a suitable strategy, and be given support through addressing issues such as pricing, shipping, intellectual property, culture etc.    The ExportDesk, an inherent part of the Trade Club will provide businesses with detailed research support, to ensure that business owners can move forward with their strategy have based these decisions on a wide range of information.

Yun Sovanna, of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce said “ExportDesk and the Foreign Trade Club are key parts of the Chamber’s services moving forward.  We recognise the importance of providing leading services to our Members and we are delighted to have this opportunity to learn from a team that clearly has the experience and the skills to help us”

Stephen Mitchell, Director of UP Consultancy commented that “this project is ideally placed to follow on from previous initiatives undertaken in the region.  It is truly exciting to be involved in a project that will have a lasting legacy impact on the whole country, and help countless businesses to take the step from being domestic businesses to international traders”

The project is part funded by the World Bank, and the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Cambodia.

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