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The Voice of Business

Bringing people together under a common name to stand up for common and shared interests – the art of representation and lobbying are at the cornerstone of every successful Chamber.  Often not seen as glamorous, marketable, or indeed profitable, it remains the secret to a Chamber that can be seen to be relevant to not just their Members but also to the wider audiences such as Governments, trade bodies, legislative organisations etc

In history representation was of fundamental importance to Chambers, – they were often formed for that very purpose.  Marseille Chamber, the oldest in the world, was founded in 1599 to “act for increased prosperity in Marseille”, and the rationale has remained virtually unchanged.

Most private law Chambers will have a formal structure by which the views of the Membership is sought.  How this is set up is essential to ensuring excellent representation throughout the organisation.  We can work with you identify the most appropriate form of hearing the views of your Members, discussing them, forming an opinion, and magnifying those views and representing them to other bodies.     The structure should be such that every Member can feel they have the Chamber “on their side” when they need it, and that issues that matter to businesses are acted upon by the Chamber.

Download our white paper (click here) on representation and why Members should view it as important to them.

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