Chamber – Strategy

Getting the “big picture” right

We all know how complex a Chamber of Commerce can be.  Its not a company manufacturing a single range of products for a defined market.  Its a hugely complicated organisation with myriad services, functions, duties that somehow all has to pull in the right direction to meet the needs of the Member.

Many Chambers have the desire to be the “Voice of Business”, or the “first stop for business support”.  How many of them achieve that goal is a mute point – the challenge is whether your Chamber got the strategy right.

Business planning in a Chamber is a lengthy process – but can be very rewarding.  It opens up new potential services, events, forums, functions, products that had not been envisaged, it showcases where the effort needs to be focussed, and when the strategy is sound, it gives everyone at the Chamber a roadmap of what the Chamber is doing, and how you’re going to get there.  It can be be invigorating, motivating, and a crucial chance to get the commitment from staff to deliver what you are promising your Members you are going to deliver.

Take the time, put the effort in, and it will pay rewards.   It will of course naturally feed into how the operational plans are put together, and the work that the Chamber will be carrying out in the future is identified.

We can work with you to facilitate your strategic development process, which will include:

  • Review of your Mission and Vision statement, and any organisational “values”
  • Review of the market place, other business support organisations, and a review of what your Members want
  • Development of high level themes
  • Identifying how these themes can be seen in practice
  • Working out how to achieve these targets
  • Blending the activities and themes together
  • Reviewing the operational plans
  • Ensuring there is a system in place to monitor and capture data

A strategic and operational plan should never be a document that once it is approved by the Board is left to gather dust, but rather should be a relevant, living document, that each Member of staff knows inherently how they contribute to delivering the success of.

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