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Adding value to your Members

This is the vast reason why the majority of your Members will have joined the Chamber – in order to get something out of it of benefit to themselves.  It is entirely possible, and indeed probable, that every Member can save more than the cost of their subscription fee if they are offered access to services that are relevant to their needs.  There should be something tangible that is suitable for every level of Member, and every business should feel as they are getting value added services from their membership of your Chamber.  This is one of the key areas in which they will judge the annual renewal of their Membership on, and whether there is value for money is remaining with you for another year.

Does your Chamber have a comprehensive offering of services to Members?  What areas of business life does it cover?  Are there synergies to be gained from looking at your membership base?  Not every service has a cost attached to it.

We can work with you, and your Members to identify a range of services that would bring the most value to your Membership.   A comprehensive range of services lends itself to you as a fantastic marketing tool that whenever a non member comes across them it becomes an almost obvious decision to join the Chamber.  What better marketing tool could you have than a portfolio of services that does all of the hard work for you?!

Our experience shows that Member services, whilst all unique, will generally fall into one of these following categories- this may be a good starting point for a review of your own services:

Business Development
Voice of Business
Employee Benefits

We will work with you to identify suitable partners from within your Membership, develop an appropriate costing/no costing strategy for different services, develop a suite of marketing collateral, and work with you through to bringing these services to your Members.


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