Chamber – Membership

The Reason for Existence

Members – the reason that Chambers of Commerce exist.  The individual businesses that together form the collective by which Chambers thrive.  Strength in numbers.

And yet, – this is singularly quite often the biggest challenge for Chambers in the 21st Century – recruiting members to join the Chamber.   In today’s particularly tough economic times Chambers need to demonstrate value, and their relevance to businesses.  In those countries where membership of a Chamber is not mandatory, no longer is it a case of accepted credence that businesses will join a Chamber, just because the Chamber is there.

It’s essential to understand why your Members are members of the Chamber.  We can hypothesise and look at previous studies, – one shows that 11% joined for access to representation and lobbying, whilst over 70% joined to gain competitive advantage through the range of membership services, but these figures will be unique to each Chamber, based upon the quality of membership, representation, inclusiveness, and services offered.

We can work with you to identify why your Members have joined the Chamber, identify why others aren’t.   Once this baseline is established we can then carry out a review as to how categorise your Membership and their needs, so that your Chamber can focus on its core objectives – serving your Members to the best of your ability.


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