Process Reviews

Businesses can be very complex organisations, often running at a frantic pace. Carrying out a review of your back office functions can be hugely rewarding for your business – getting customer service levels right, as well as driving up inefficiencies, productivity, and ultimately profitability. Find the time, and the skills inhouse to conduct such a review can be difficult however,.

Our Process Review can really help make that difference.

We work alongside, and within your business. We get to know you, your staff, your customers, and the workflows you have in place currently. We listen to what it is you want to achieve. We look, and test what is working, what is need of improvement, and where the frustrations are.

Only after we’ve got a solid understanding of your unique business set up will we then try to offer advice, based upon what we’ve seen.  We can leave you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations, or we can continue to work with your business to ensure that any changes you wish to make are embedded, and operating successfully within your company, putting a process review as an inherent, and living part of your business.

Our areas of expertise include:

Call Centre Management

Call Centres are highly pressurised environments, with tough targets, and quite possibly some very tough customers.  Ensuring the information capture and flows are working is critical, as well as management of KPIs, metrics, and what drives the business.  We can work with you to review these, identify sales pipeline management, and the customer contact journey.

Customer Management and Complaints cycle

Customers are the lifeblood of any business – we know that.  Ensuring that you look after a customer (either an individual or a business)  is critical – particularly providing after sales support, but more so when something hasn’t gone the way that a customer would hope.  Managing a complaints process effectively can turn a complaint into a hugely positive customer experience, ensuring excellent reputation for your business from the harshest of critics – your customers.

We can work with you to ensure that the customer care, and complaints management cycle is fully embedded into your Customer Contact journey, and that any issues are raised, responded to, and managed to a suitable conclusion in a logical, professional, and efficient manner.

Business Mapping

Any business that works across different sectors/products has to be able to map its service offering to the relevant support functions in order for the company to work efficiently.  This reaches from pre-sales through to afterservice, and financial account management.

We can work with you to ensure that your business is appropriately mapped to management and staff, – identifying critical areas and ensuring that resources are allocated to meet those needs.  This process often helps clients understand their own business better, and frequently leads to significant efficiency savings as the introspective review causes the “What if” question to be asked of the way that the business is run.



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