Award Entries

Running a business should be fun….you should be proud of what you’re achieving…

Winning awards is a great way to showcase these achievements, and it certainly does make business feel fun – there is nothing like the feeling that you get when your name is pulled out of the envelope, and you’re recognised in front of your peers as an outstanding success.

Having a great product, or business is all well and good, in fact its essential.  However that alone is unlikely to win you many awards.  You have to be proactive, and go out and enter them.  As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it

Winning awards and recognition can be great for your business as well.  It is certainly an amazing boost to your PR and profile, and reinforces the credibility and quality of your brand.  There are numerous success stories that show how revenue and profits have increased following award wins, and that these have far outstripped the gains made by businesses that didn’t enter awards.

The entire cycle and process of entering awards can be hugely helpful to keeping your business lean, innovative, and on top form.  It forces you to think about the good things you’ve achieved, how you’ve achieved them, but it also will highlight areas of your business that you may want to improve, or indeed, even new products/services that you haven’t considered yet.

It really is a win win situation, – even if you don’t pick up that coveted gold cup (although we’ll do everything we can to help you do just that!)

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