Bid writing / funding

In these difficult economic times, support for businesses is crucial. No one expects a freebie, or that they’re entitled to something for nothing. Despite the public sector cutbacks there is still numerous resources available to support you.

We promise that part of our work with you will include a no-cost appraisal of the various funding opportunities available to you. These grants/funds may be available to help your business grow, and we can work with you to help you secure the maximum amount you can.

There are also hundreds of public sector contracts out there waiting to be awarded, – your business may well be able to win one, – often more easily than you might think. However, cutting through the red tape, and paperwork associated with these tenders/calls for proposals etc can be as mind boggling as the acronyms that are sometimes used.

We have an envious track record of writing bids for grants/contracts, and know what it takes to write a winning bid. We understand the local/regional economy, the politics at play, and what the public sector are looking to achieve.

So confident are we in our ability to help you win some contracts we include “no win, no fee” element to our charges for this work – what more could you ask for.