Management Accounts / HR

We can work with you to take some of the burden of maintaining management accounts, and accurate HR records off you.

Getting these things right is a key tool for your business – you need to be able to accurately monitor your business’s finances, but employing a dedicated accounts person may be very expensive, or doing it yourself may be taking you away from a better use of your time – like developing your business. We have a team of people who can support you in this processing, and production of management information. They know what they’re doing, they have the software to do it, and as always, we promise to do what we say we’ll do. In addition, every month we’ll go through your accounts with you, in as much detail as you want, so your finger is never off the pulse. We won’t just send you a spread sheet of numbers, – we’ll make sure you understand what those numbers mean.

Employing people can be hugely rewarding, and are a huge part of your business. However, these days employment legislation can be quite cumbersome, particularly for a small, but growing business. Faced with the challenges of fair recruitment, maintaining employee records, payroll, daily staff management, complying with legislation, its easy to see why outsourcing your HR function can be an attractive proposition.

We offer a service whereby we can support you in getting the basics right. We don’t want to let you wash your hands of it, after all, who better to manage your staff on a daily basis than your own business, but we can help with the routine things, such as paperwork, employee records, payroll processing. We can even advise on recruitment and help you manage the whole hiring process to ensure that you get the right people for the job. Should you need it, we’ll also be there to help you through any disciplinary issues that arise, and make sure that the business is protected.